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Bamboo Bow Tie

My friend has a small design business. In the past he has designed lady's bags; but recently, he has delved into men's fashion. His first project -- a bamboo bow tie. A very unique and beautiful item that combines the Japanese aesthetic of nature with the Western style of men's fashion. I love it!

He asked me to be the model for the bow tie. I said sure and put on several of my best "model" faces and posed for the camera. We had a lot of fun taking the pictures!

Tiger Bamboo Bow Tie with my "pensive" face

My "serious/mean" face with the Studded Bow Tie

After we were done taking the pictures of me wearing the bow tie, we took some photos of just the bow tie.

I curved the stem of a calla Lily to fit inside this black serving dish

To see the finished product, check his site SHUU Japan.

Now I just need some event to go to so I can wear one of his beautiful pieces.