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Father's Day Ikebana, 2014

I wanted to make an arrangement for my dad for Father's Day again this year. He liked the arrangement last year, so I hope that he likes the arrangement this year, too.

I thought about what I could do, something in a container or something in a vase. Last year I did something in a container, but I did a very simple arrangement for him. I wanted to do something that felt a little more natural than last year, so I decided to do a landscape arrangement. He loves the outdoors. When I was little he took me fishing, hunting, and camping. So, I thought a landscape arrangement would be perfect.

I would love to have created a landscape of Arkansas, but I can't get any materials like that here. So, I created a Japanese landscape, but I think it could translate to America, too.

Realistic Landscape Moribana
Dodan-tsutsuji, Solomon's Seal, Campanula

I used Dodan-tsutsuji, a shrub native to Japan, some green Solomon's Seal, and the purple flower is Campanula. The branch that stretches out in the back is reflected on the surface of the water in the suiban and helps to create a cool feeling. The green and purple color combination also help to make it feel as if a cool breeze is blowing. I thought this might be something you would see on the bank of a lake or river. Maybe if you cast a line out, you just might catch a fish!

I hope my dad has a wonderful Father's Day and gets to do something fun and eat something good!

Happy Father's Day, dad.
I love you!