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Flower Artist Azuma Makoto -- Amazing!

I think of ikebana as an art form, one that has been in practice and development for over 500 years. What originally started out as an offering to Buddha has evolved into an art form for the modern age.

Azuma Makoto, a Japanese flower artist, has taken the art of flowers to another level. He has approached the world of flowers as an artist, not someone who does ikebana. He has truly created a new art form that expresses the beauty of flowers in new and unusual ways. One word to describe his work -- amazing!

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frozen flowers*
frozen flowers with a pine tree suspended in a metal frame with wire*
a moss instillation*
exhibit for the Shanghai Exhibition last year*
He is also a performance artist. Watch this mesmerizng video of him arranging flowers, all behind a screen, so all you see is the shadow.

Click here for his site to see more pictures and videos. Simply amazing!

*all pictures taken from his site

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Nora Kay said...

He really does do beautiful work and it was fun to see. I loved the video. Would you ever like to do something like that? Mom