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Cherry Blossoms 2012

The cherry blossoms finally came into bloom last week. On Saturday, the sky was a brilliant blue and it seemed the pink trees had blossomed over night. I was busy that day and couldn't get out to take some pictures. So on Sunday morning, I woke up bright and early and headed out to take enjoy the beauty of the day and the beauty of the trees. It was a little hazy, but I did manage to get a few shots. And I'm lucky I did. Why? Because the rain and cool weather came putting a stop to all of the cherry blossom fun. By the end of the week, most of the blossoms had been beaten off the trees by the rain. It seems like that happens every year. I guess that is the spring weather for you. The frailty of the flowers make you appreciate them so much more. I look forward to their fleeting beauty each year, and it never disappoints. So until next year, I'll just enjoy the pictures I have.

cherry trees along the bank of the Kitakami river

it looks like cotton candy

yes, that is snow on the mountains in the background
a walking path under the trees

i love the gray bark of the cherry tree

pink and blue


Nora Kay said...

Beautiful photos. I would love to see them in person sometime. It would be hard to find just the right time to be there though. I used the first picture as my back ground on my computer. I will enjoy it each day now.

Hideki said...

They were very beautiful! The cherry blossoms always make us happy:> I like them.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! They make me Hana-homesick! Tawnya :)

Stephen Coler said...

mom, you never know when they will bloom out to their full glory. they have forecasts, but they are not that reliable sometimes. maybe one of these years you can come and see them!

Stephen Coler said...

hideki, how can cherry blossoms not make anyone happy? simply beautiful!

Stephen Coler said...

tawnya, when are you going to come back to japan for a visit? japan misses you!