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Summer Fun with Hot Colors

I had been looking at beautiful pictures on the Internet of these masses of flowers full of color and different textures. In ikebana, we really don't do anything like that; but I thought I might try my hand at it. I thought it would be a good study of color and texture for me, one confined to a small space and short in length.

I had fun playing around with the placement of the flowers creating masses of color and texture in the round container I usually use for moribana arrangements. Moribana means "piled up flowers" in Japanese, and I had created another form of piled up flowers in the container; so maybe there is a little ikebana in there after all!

The summery colors seem to pop a bit more against the brown of my coffee table.

Here they seem a bit more combined against the gray background of my photo screen.

I hope everyone is having a great summer!


Hideki said...

It's beautiful and a good arrangement!
I also think it very good that we try to do anything with different ways:>

Stephen Coler said...

thanks, hideki!
it was fun trying something new, something i had never done before.

Jakey said...

Love it Stephen!! Love the vibrant colors!

Stephen Coler said...

Thanks Jake! It was the first time I had ever done anything like that. It was a little difficult but fun!