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This past weekend, I attended the yearly fireworks festival in Hanamaki.

In most towns and cities, fireworks are held during the summer months close to a river or lake. Here in Hanamaki, the display is held next to the Kitakami River that runs through the city.

My friends and I arrived about an hour early to make sure that we got a good spot to view the fireworks. We ended up being on an embankment along the river that was the perfect spot. We were able to lie down and look up into the night sky and enjoy the fireworks.

The show was about an hour and 45 minutes long with around 7,000 fireworks shot up into the air. Along with the usual shapes, this year we were treated to boxes, cats, sunflowers, hamburgers, smiley faces and hearts. Unfortunately, I didn't take any video of those.

Here are a couple of short videos that I took using my cell phone. I hope you enjoy them!


Nora Kay said...

You did a great job Son. I can only imagine what it would have looked like to be there the whole time. Your camera/phone does a wonderful job. Thanks for posting. Love You, Mom

sachiko said...




Stephen Coler said...

mom, glad that you liked the videos! for a video taken on a cell phone, i thought they turned out good!

Stephen Coler said...

sachiko, 日本語で良いよ!英語も出来るけどね〜!