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Free Style Ikebana

After you have mastered the basics of ikebana -- where to place the stems, at what angle to slant them down or out, how long or short to cut each stem, etc. -- you can throw all the rules out the window and creat a Free Style arrangement. In this type of arrangement, anything can be used as materials, and any type of container can also be used, if you choose to use one. Everything is free, as long as a balance is created within the work.

While going through some pictues today, I found this Free Style arrangement I had done a few months ago. I started with five leaves of Aspidistra, or it's more common name Cast Iron Plant, and went from there. I thought a white container would be a nice contrast to the green leaves, so I chose to use Madoka, a basic container often used in Ohara-ryu Ikebana.

Usually with a Free Style arrangement, some type of movement is required, and the movement should extend beyond the confines of the container. I chose not to use any type of frog or spikes to hold the leaves in place, instead relying on the tension of the bent leaves and tape used in stragic places.

Have a look at the end result.

View from the front

View from above
View from the back


Matty Ross said...

Beautiful! For some reason, I love this one the most...I must be a freestyle kind of gal. :)

Nora Kay said...

Very nice Son. You amaze me with the things you come up with. Thanks for the great post.

Stephen Coler said...

matty, thanks! i like this one a lot, too! i guess were both free style!

Stephen Coler said...

mom, glad you enjoyed it! i start teaching my first class tonight. i have 3 students. i hope all goes well!

sachi said...


Stephen Coler said...



sacchi.A said...

Being able to meet Stephen's mother next month is the enjoyment.

see you next week.

BSB said...
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BSB said...

写真のFree Style Ikebana、これもひとつのartだと考える。(まあikebabaはartではあるけれど…。)


sacchi.A said...

The sense is very good.
It is ikebana that I was requesting.

Stephen Coler said...


thank you. looking at other peoples ikebana is a good way to study!

Stephen Coler said...



BSB said...


I wanted to actually see it.